Modern Family magic

May 20, 2014




Probably one of my favorite sitcoms on the air now had their press wedding celebration on the Fox Lot in LA tonight. And my treat was to meet the actors that bring these beloved characters to life. Ed O’Neill was awesome and very thoughtful as the wise guy whose been around the block. Jesse Tyler Fergeson and Eric Stonestreet were hilarious joking about how Cam and Mitchell’s next steps after the wedding was to get a divorce because Jesse has seen the finale but Eric has not. And I also loved hearing Eric say he’d love to play Cam as a ‘professional married person’ next season, constantly interjecting himself into everything with ‘since I’ve been married…’  And most people know how likeable and chatty Julie Bowen is, but I was surprised my Ty Burrell’s thoughtfulness.

I got dressed in this denim dress and added a fastinator. The jewelry may have put the whole thing over the top but I just walked out the door and accepted that I look great–no matter what anyone thinks. Cause that’s how I roll. And that’s the biggest fashion secret. Believe it works and others will too!

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