New IMAX in town

September 15, 2013

Even though we ‘make’ movies in Hollywood, this has never been a place we say ‘let’s go catch a movie. It’s too busy. Too hard to find parking. And besides the Graumann’s Mann’s TCL Chinese Theater, there isn’t really a theater you can see an IMAX film at. The ArcLight gives us the Cinerama Dome, which is awesome, but what about that other Hollywood landmark? The Chinese Theater finally got a make over, and wow what a change. Over 4-months, new stadium seating and IMAX screen install, Hollywood welcomes its first ever IMAX movie to town. That’s pretty awesome. And thy kicked it off with the digitally remastered WIZARD OF OZ in IMAX 3-D, so we can all pee our pants on the new stadium chairs once the flying monkeys come out. I personally can’t wait to experience a film there.

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  • Reply Buzz Sargent August 16, 2014 at 12:51 am

    Your story makes me want to visit an IMAX. The only time I ever saw an IMAX film was at Kennedy Space Center and the launch of the shuttle. I am so behind the times.

    Nice story, Happy Trails!

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