NEW iPhones 6 & 6 Plus announced

September 9, 2014

Finally. After months, ok a year of rumors, Apple has announced the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

What are the important things to know about these phones? The design has also gotten a bit of an overhaul. The flat edges have been replaced by a curve, much like the most recent iPad update. The screens are the largest to date, with the 6 measuring 4.7″ and the 6 Plus giving you 5.5″ of space. But that didn’t add to the thickness of the device. You’ll be glad to know this is these are the thinnest iPhones yet.

Apple has also made a few updates to accommodate the much larger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus. The home screen on that version will rotate to landscape, much like your tablet. The keyboard has also been expanded for landscape viewing, and even allows for use of different keyboards. There’s also a new functionality added to the home button called Reachability that will move the screen down for people with shorter thumbs.

As was suggested by the updates to iOS 8, the iPhone 6 models have new features that are sure to appeal to health nuts out there. Not only is there an barometer included into the phone to measure elevation for climbing stairs, mountains, etc., but it can tell when you’re running or riding a bike and measure that distance for you to help keep track of workouts.

The new iPhone is also allowing you to control more and more of your home systems all via your phone as well, such as using your phone as a remote, controlling your home automation system, security, etc, but that’s all dependent on whether or not your home system supports this kind of thing.

The camera also got a major overhaul, with big updates to the auto focus and video features. The new iPhones will capture video at 1080p and a four different shutter speeds: 30, 60, 120 and 240 fps. That means your slow motion options have expanded. The auto-focus is said to work twice as fast, which is great for capturing moments with little ones and furry friend.

Also, there are burst selfies. The front camera can take 20 selfies at rapid speed. I mean, one of those will be post-worthy, right?

The three colors from the iPhone 5S (black, silver and champagne) will carry over.

iPhone 6: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 64GB and $399 for 128GB.
iPhone 6 Plus: $299 for 16GB, $399 for 64GB and $499 for 128GB.

The new phones will be available for pre-order on September 12 and ship on September 19. And yes, your data plan will likely need to be updated to handle the new features.

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