New Traditions

December 24, 2014

Christmas is always a stressful season for many. I mean, everyone has to buy gifts for every person in their lives, including mail people, acquaintances, and office buddies. That’s a whole lot of gift giving, and at times thoughtless gift giving. So what can one do when on a budget? I always opt for the simple — yet to me, quite fussy — idea of baking cookies to share with all at the office.

When it comes to gifts for the family, we’re Chinese, so money is all we give. Yet now that there’s a nephew in the picture, I splurge a bit and get him one big item and then put money away for college.

What I’ve learned from other friends working the world of gifts with families is to start something where everyone receives ONE gift for Christmas. Or they receive one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day. Not only does this cut down on the endless sea of toys, but this allows one to purchase something really wanted and meaningful for the child.

Holiday should be spent with the family. Not at the mall. Because we all know that place is a wreck during the month of December! Now go forth and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!


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