NOAH hits movie theaters

March 31, 2014

Noah hits theaters with a splash! Pun intended.

I was lucky enough to meet Sir Anthony Hopkins during the junket in LA. I’m not going to lie, I expected him to be a bit cagey. I mean, he’s had so much success and been through so many interviews with press that it could have a negative effect. However, once I walked into the room, it was amazing. Sir Anthony or ‘Tony’ as the other actors call him immediately put me at ease, and gave me the warmest smile. Sir Anthony Hopkins gave me a good 10 minutes of his time for my interview for EPIX, and was kind, giving, and funny with his NOAH behind-the-scenes stories. I asked him ‘What prepared you to play Methusela, the oldest human to ever live?’ His answer, ‘Being old!’ That’s unexpected.

Another great interview from the NOAH junket was with Ray Winstone. Wow, he is one sexy beast! He is another British actor that has so much gravitas and magnetism that I couldn’t help but be drawn in. I mean look at that picture of us!

me with Ray Winstone

As for the movie, I found that Ray’s portrayal of Tubal-Cain to be extremely human. There is no black or white/good or bad. It’s all about who and what you relate to, and that could be elements of both the force of good and bad. Interesting. Visually I found Darren Aronofsky to have taken many chances with his imagery, repititon, and special effects. If you’re going to see this movie, it is better to see it in the theaters.

However, for this girl with not much background on the story of Noah, I found the story jumped around a bit, and didn’t make that much sense. But once I read some excerpts from Genesis, I realize many of the choices the director and writer made were truer to the original story, which should make people happy. For me, I enjoyed elements of it, and adore the actors in it. But can’t say more.

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