Orange: The Perfect Summer Color

June 15, 2015

I’m in love. This orange dress from AQ AQ is EVERYTHING (similar here). Not only does it give my body a waist (which can be hard to achieve thanks to my tube-like figure), it makes my legs look oh so thin. And if you saw my appearance on THE TALK today, you can see it in action.

leaning forward cause there's some food right out of my grasp

leaning forward cause there’s some food right out of my grasp

This is the thing. I know many of us shy away from mini dresses and skirts, but when they’re made right, they actually make the wearer look like she has the flyest legs ever! Wearing a straight up hige flare, like a skater skirt, or anything with a slight A-line, makes the eyes go wide, and when your striking legs come shooting sure-footed out of the bottom, it makes those legs look so thin in comparison to that flare. Magic. And when combo-ed with the youthful mini, them legs take on a look like they go on FOREVA’.

Sperwoman ain't got nothing on this

Sperwoman ain’t got nothing on this

Because my orange was such a strong color, I paired it with Kenneth Cole Black and Silver Bon-Net pumps that I love. But then I hit Kohls and found these Rock & Republic Rollie Snake bad boys. They are the perfect match with snake skin and a touch of orange. And they’re vegan leather. A steal!

Rollie Snake Skin

Rollie Snake Skin

Wne it comes to accessories, I tend to go simple. A bunch of stacked silver is always up my alley. This time I paired this look with a wooden watch, sharp earrings, and a natural make-up face. I think it works to have one thing really stand out, in this instance it’s that orange. Orange you glad I told you where you can get this dress?

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**Links provided above are for your reference. The amazon one is an affiliate link. But the rest, it’s all info babies!

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