Pokémon GO fever

July 15, 2016

We’re just two weeks into the Pokémon GO fever that’s swept the globe. You know it’s a craze when you’re at a wine bar, and one of the gays you’ve been chatting up all night tells you he went on a date the other night and instead of having coffee, each broke out their phones to playPokémon GO.

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny its influence on practically everyone and everything. Various establishments are capitalizing on the craze in creative ways, from Happy Hours designed specifically for PokémonGO players to exclusive discounts for certain Pokémon teams.

Yelp is doing its best to optimize players’ restaurant searches by adding nearby Poké Stops as a search feature, a list that includes other essential dining factors like “takes reservations” and “outdoor seating.” I certainly applaud the creative effort, and am even more excited that the next lunch spot can help us in our quest to catch ‘em all! But don’t get all crazy and watch the road while you’re at it! We don’t need another Pokémon GO mishap.


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