Radio Flyer Tesla

February 12, 2018

Yes that’s a pregnant lady that clocks in at about 138 lbs squeezing herself in to a child’s motorized toy built for a 90 lbs child. And that toy is the incredible Radio Flyer Tesla car. And it is everything you imagine it to be. It’s got the looks, it’s powered by a battery, and even though it does not control like a real Tesla, it is soon fun it drive! The car is simple. It goes forward and reverse. There are headlights and a push button start. You can’t control speed but do we need to on this toy car? Nah. One thing I could see if ‘parental control’ so parents can drive the car for uber young ones or for their fur babies. Yeah, I said it.

Even though I had slight bruising on my shins from shoving my waaayyyyy too grown up body into the driver’s seat of this super toy, it was worth every second as I haven’t laughed like that in a while.

*It’s an expensive toy. Like $500 Would I get it for my nephew? If I went in on it with a few people, I’d do it. Would I get it for myself? Without a doubt, yes.

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