RAYCOP to the Rescue

June 5, 2017

You all know I’m super picky about the tech I like and speak about. And I’m super happy to announce that I’m working with RAYCOP, this tech company whose mission is to educate the public about what really causes allergies – not just ‘dust’ but all of their matter – and give you the tools to have a cleaner home and hopefully clearer head.

You can read more on their site, but this is my take. The RAYCOP RS2 is surprisingly solid feeling in one’s hand. I really like the ergonomic handle which makes cleaning a breeze. And like most vacuums, it’s easy to use. You pull out the (retractable-yup, love this) cord, plug it in, and on the handle, press the button to get it started. It has 3 settings from which to choose: Delicate, Normal and Heavy. I use heavy on my mattress and pillows. I use delicate on my mohair throw pillows. You see where I’m going with this?

I recommend you watch this crazy disgusting video about dust mites. After I saw it, I vacuumed like a fiend for 3 hours. And after 20 minutes, my RS2’s filter was FULL. FULL?!?!? Once I pulled out the filter, all this grey stuff came out. That’s all my skin flakes, dust mite matter, and more I’d rather not discuss as it’s on the docket for me to chat about with my therapist. It’s that jarring! LOL

So how is this different than your normal vacuum and do you need one? Normal vacuums just suck dirt, and because dust is dry, and with the sucking motion, it can actually cause some dust to spread. And you shouldn’t be using certain attachments on drapes, mattresses, pillows, etc. However, the RAYCOP uses UV light to stun the dust mites, and goes over the mattress, pillows, and drapes, the things one can’t really ‘vacuum’ with a conventional tool with ease. And it cleans it so we pet lovers and allergy sufferers can live with a clearer head at home!

Do I think it’s worth the steep price tag? Well it’s one of the hottest products in Japan, and after using it, I can see why. There’s also a smaller less expensive version. And yes, I’d get this over a pair of shoes any day of the week! 

* disclaimer I was not paid for this blog post whatsoever. They did send me the RS2 to try at home.

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