Red Carpet look for the heat

May 2, 2014

The LA weather went from beautiful to the inside of an oven in 6 hours flat. My blood didn’t have time to thin and I didn’t acclimate as I usually do. Since taking time from work because ‘it’s just too hot’ would be very impressive, but impossible, I tried to find something to wear that would make this whole adventure passable.

Enter the red and white striped maxi dress. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been rocking my share of dresses recently. It’s because as soon as I throw one on, I instantly look pulled together. There’s no mixing or matching, and since we’ve grown into a more and more casual culture, even simple summer dresses are not as common as jeans and a tank. So wearing a dress just looks more polished to me. And since it takes one motion, either throw over head or slip on and zip, I often choose this route than the separates. Plus it allows me to look girlie but not too girlie. I used to hate looking girlie, now I really enjoy having different looks via different clothes. It’s great to play. How are you plying with your look today?

Hope you’re living life a little lovelier today! Red Carpet Look for the heat

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