Rob Lowe. Nuf Said

August 1, 2014

Listen, this pic is a couple weeks old. But I’ve never shared it with you all until today. And I realize that’s lazy of me because IT’S ROB LOWE.

I met the wonderfully kind and generous Rob Lowe at the SEX TAPE movie premiere. As big of a star as Rob is, he sure doesn’t act like one. And that’s so humbling to see and experience. A man as talented and good looking as he is has had the world at his feet a number of times with great career making characters that span film and movies. However, when he brings his wife and teenage kids to the premiere of SEX TAPE and speaks with reporters such as myself on ‘the line,’ it’s as if he’s just some dude you met in the milk aisle of the supermarket instead of this surreal space of a red carpet premiere where there are 2000 people screaming his name. And that’s just the paparazzi.

So in the two minutes I was given to bask in Mr. Lowe’s awesomeness, I asked him about his new movie, SEX TAPE:

CLL: What is it about SEX TAPE that made you say YES!

Rob: I love my part. I love my guy. I thought I had a chance to do something really unexpected. You think it’s gonna be one way, oh I’ve seen Rob do that, sure. And then to do the big turn that my character has was – you just don’t get a chance to do that very often.

CLL: Did you expect it to be such a party out here? (and guys, there were over 2000 people in the streets. And some playing shirtless Twister. Seriously)

Rob: No! This is great. Well listen, let’s put it this way. If you can’t have a party for a movie called Sex Tape, you really can’t have a party can ya?

Oh Rob, how right you are…You can watch SEX TAPE in theaters now.

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