Roman Holiday

August 8, 2017

This post is a bit late, but the beauty and inspiration that is the city of Rome is always appropriate.

I left for Rome with about 4 days notice. I got a call about work and just like that, I was on a plane and off to another country. And I was lucky enough that my fiancé could take time off work to join me.

So fast forward the few days to my arrival and my Roman holiday with my fiancé!

me and the handsome one on vacation – and I’m wearing no make up

Rome is a special place that’s built on and around ancient ruins. The entire city is romantic because of all the fountains and food and wine and gelato. Anything one can imagine as romantic, Rome has in spades.

So let’s talk romance. The charm of Rome is not just the beauty of the historical sites around, it’s that the entire city lives and breathes to the beat of a heart.

every morning…and I miss this tiny beautiful alley with my AM cappuccino

The entire city goes to and from point A to point B in the old city on cobblestones that are older than the American Constitution. And many people take things easier, stopping for a coffee or breathing in the sunshine and air. If a slower, more gracious way of life isn’t romantic, well I’m not sure what is!

So I eat tons of gelato while visiting all the romantic sites with the future husband in tow. And we fell more in love, by creating experiences with each other and this phenomenal city.

One other thing I mentioned earlier, this city prides itself on conservation. I believe a local told me the Romans found it less expensive to build around old ruins than tear them down, starting a tradition. And that was definitely to the benefit of the world. Where else could you stand in, let alone take a selfie in a colosseum where men fought men, animals fought animals and the brave warred against the fierce to their deaths for sport?

or jumping between a walkway as other tourists shoot me jumping between a walkway? On that note, what stranger takes a picture of a stranger jumping in an archway to show friends? 

As for sites, Rome is proof that Romans built to last. From the colosseum to the Forum, every little turn produces a new photo opportunity, and shows us how the cradle of civilization came to be.

the most photographed part of the Forum

And the romantic walkways, alleys, and streets where people live? Just gorgeous…

Another favorite site is the Pagan temple, the Pantheon. But what makes it incredible is the dome ceiling. Read on, and you’ll be amazed at what the Romans were able to accomplish around 27 B.C. 

At the top of the dome is the eye-in-the-sky, the oculus, 30-feet across! This incredibly mathematically exact ceiling goes from 20 feet deep to less than 5-feet thick at the top, where the sun shines through.

And the gorgeous coffered ceiling reduces the weight of the dome without compromising it’s strength.

One of my favorite things to do while on vacation is shoot photos where people don’t usually look, and in Rome, every corner is a majesty that’s flabbergasting. This is outside the Pantheon, and even though the luxe interior and coffered ceiling are the main attractions, I feel that this walkway into the temple is so intricate and lush with emotion and story that I had to capture it with my lense.

And the food…oh even a simple fruit plate…and what are those cream colored little berries? They’re white currants! It’s the first time in my life I’ve seen them! And they were delicious.

So those are some highlights from my Roman Holiday. No, I didn’t take pictures in front of the usual Trevi Fountain (it was being cleaned), but what I did do was wonder and get lost with my love, eat until my heart was content, enjoy gelato every other hour, and it was the best vacation ever!

Until next time lovelies, Ciao!

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