Sequins & Skirts bring the Sassy!

May 30, 2015

Recently I’ve fallen back in love with skirts. I don’t mean mini skirts, I mean the full on, big ol, if you spin, you can twirl that into a magical looking vortex that brings your imagination into life skirt. That’s my passion. That’s my jam. And that’s what I was able to find from a small label called MISS FINCH. I mean look at how amazing the top and skirt look on this bench?! I know you all picnic in this kind of outfit.

wait, what's in my hair?

I set eyes on the skirt, and with the addition of the mesh stripe across a part of the skirt, tres chic btw, I was sold. The skirt hangs heavy thanks to the material. It doesn’t breath a ton, but because of the cut, it always stays cool. This is one of those pieces you can pair with a tank or a sequin crop top and be out the door in 5.

oh, the drama!

Since buying it, it’s become a go-to for work. I know whatever I pair it with, I’ll exude this feminine chic, with a whole lotta class! And who doesn’t want that?! And when you keep the clothing palette minimal, and really focus on texture instead of matching prints or colors, it makes everything seem like it was made to be paired together.

Slap on some red lipstick like MAC’s LADY DANGER (you should buy this lipstick on namesake alone), and you’re good to go! Keep the face neutral. And let your lips do the talking.

As for shoes, there ain’t no shame in 5″ game—IF you can walk in that. These L.A.M.B Shoes are just full of moxie. I’m obsessed. I’ve heard women say they walked through numerous airports in them, and I’m like, ‘I want to be like you when I grow up.’ Still working on it! And yes, I LOVE THESE SHOES!

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