Staycations: How to make staying at home feel like a real vacation!

June 14, 2015

Staycations are becoming more and more popular as locals look for easy and effortless ways to relax closer to home. And really, the fuss can get to a girl with only 48 hours for chillaxin & relaxin’. You don’t have to buy plane tickets, wait in security lines, and you don’t have to pack all those ‘travel safe ounces’ of your necessities. Bam, done. Plus, vacationing at home allows you to spend more time enjoying yourself and less money to boot! Cha-ching! So it’s time to sit back, relax and vacation at home!

With all the usual distractions, you may not think it’s possible but consider what you love most about vacations – eating local food, taking part in local activities and adventures, and disconnecting from work. If you focus on those few categories, you’ll have a great vacation at home! And if you live in the LA area, I have included a few suggestions that may work out well! And if you live in LA, may I suggest you tell the gym to stick it?! I’m taking the weekend off!

  1. imgres-1Get adventurous – think about activities you’ve always wanted to do like cheese tasting, wine tasting, zip lining, hot air baloon riding, or even race car driving. It’s as easy as googling your activity and your home city to find something that works for you, and is close to home. That’s how I happened upon Big Pines Zip Line located in the San Gabriel Mountains. They offer a few different tours, that include the Zipline Canopy Tour, The Mountainview Tour, or the Ultimate Package. The last place I did ziplinging was in Costa Rica, and I’m no geographer, but the SGV mountains seem a bit closer!
  1. LACMA music amongst the lightsCulture and Entertainment – from museums to wine tastings to outdoor movie nights and live summer music festivals, many cities really throw themselves into creating day, evening and weekend activities that are not only enriching, but entertaining. I love the architectural tours in LA. Did I mention I’m a bit bougie? They not only teach me a bit about the beautiful buildings I’d otherwise never notice in the city, but it gets me to walk along the streets, and see my hometown through a different lense. All without leaving town. There’s also amazing and affordable arts events happening all over the place. For instance, no one really thinks Detroit and Shakespeare, but wow, their Summer Shakespeare Festival could not be cooler. And I can’t tell you how much I love the Live Music Series and Jazz nights at LACMA (both free). Pack a picnic, bring some libations, and you’re set for a night of goodness.
  1. foodie tourEat local – isn’t breaking bread one of the most important things we can do with our loved ones? Get to know your local city’s specialties. It’s easier than ever to discover new delicious bites in your hometown thanks to the foodie movement! Now it isn’t just up to you to discover the new luscious bites, there are companies who make it their job to take you along to some of the best, most authentic, or newest places. They feed you, tell you stories, and maybe even give you some history on the food and location. It’s a win-win. I’ve listed some LA based tours below:

    1. Foodie walking tours in LA

      1. Intrepid Urban Adventures
      2. Melting Pot Tours
      3. Curated Gnomes – this is a particular curiosity because it covers all the authentic Asian food in the area I grew up in, the SGV. I can’t wait to try this one.
  1. images-2Boutique Chic hotel at Home – because you’re saving all this money by staying local, splurge on some reeeeeeally nice bedding so you feel like you’re sleeping in the bosum of an alpaca – I mean boutique hotel. I adore Parachute bedding. It feels extra silky, soft and luxurious. That’s because it’s made in Italy of long staple Egyptian Cotton. Wurd! Now I prefer white bedding, because it reminds me of all that luxurious hotel bedding we always see, but so much softer and nicer because we are sleeping in our own beds. YEAH!!!
  1. Most important – Disconnect from work – I know how hard it is to stop thinking and doing work but we have to do it. It’s good not only for our families, but for ourselves, and our workflow! For instance, studies are showing that breaks of any kind can actually increase productivity and well-being at the workplace and at home. Breaks help us manage stress. And keep the feelings of being ‘burnt out’ at bay. So take time to relax and recharge your batteries! Be brave and ignore work emails for the weekend. Shut off your phone. It sounds crazy, but the world will still be standing if you don’t get to that request sent Saturday until Monday AM. I promise. I’ve been there and come out the other side of the tunnel. The light is beautiful on this side.


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