Stripes and Slacks

April 14, 2017

I never really thought I’d be a woman who proclaims, ‘Crop Tops are A-ok!’. That just ain’t in the comfort region of my abs. But with this easy striped crop top, and high waisted pants, well, one can rock this look and feel confidant all over the mean streets of skinny LA!

Look, I’m not going to say I’m not fighting a battle of the bulge on an everyday basis. I really enjoy chocolate and french fries. But when it comes to rocking this cute striped top, I have to figure out how to wear it while still looking like I’m legally old enough to drink. The trick is these gorgeous and easy-wearing cobalt blue slacks. Hello mama! Welcome home. Aren’t these just lovely?

And pay attention to how high waisted they are. They cinch just at the thinnest part of the waist, and drape just wonderfully down creating one long, lean line.

The simple secret to making something on the more hip/youthful side like this ultra versatile top work is to pair it with something as sophisticated as these strong trousers. Oh, and with this top, can you imagine how cute this will look paired with polka dot skirt in same tone?

Keeping things simple really makes YOU stand out, and when YOU wear your clothes, and not the other way around, well, YOU ROCK.

All my love, my darlings!


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