Sullivan and Son Set Visit

June 9, 2014

It’s the second year in a row that I went to visit TBS show Sullivan and Son on the WB Lot. The show is currently shooting their third season. That’s a THIRD season. What a feat. The cast were super humble and adore their fans, often live tweeting live with the east coast and west coast broadcasts. That’s kinda cool.

For me, it’s funny to speak again with the ‘old crew’ as they call themselves, Jodi Long and Dan Lauria who play Ok-Cha and Jack Sullivan respectively. You can tell Jodi and Dan really love working together. They say they’re the ‘old crew’ from the theater days, and can’t believe how fast each of the new comedians, all their co-stars, tweet, FB, and interact with fans on social media. But they’re really glad they do.

Now on to the guys. I only had the pleasure of meeting and grilling Steve Byrne, Owen Benjamin, Ahmed Ahmed, and Roy Wood Jr. – no female co-stars except Jodi. Steve and Owen have a really funny relationship. In between seasons, all the boys tour together doing stand-up so they get ‘comfort level is almost too high’ as Owen says. This was very evident as Owen sat down to chat with ON THE RED CARPET, and Steve kept bringing him food. This is how it goes down:

Steve: Pastry?

Owen looks up.

Steve: you did ask for a pastry earler,

Owen: I was in a different mood earlier.

Steve: I’m just doing what I’m told.

Owen to camera: He’s always trying to buy my affection with pastries. (screams to Steve off camera) And then when I gain 5 lbs he knows why!

Then Steve returns to clean Owen’s mouth with a paper towel. Owen asks if it’s Brawny.

Owen: He likes to serve. That’s what he does. Ever since he’s been playing role of the bartender he’s not happy unless he’s bringing people things.

After I get one question answered, Steve returns to make sure Owen’s ok.

Steve: Crudite?

Owen: I told you to leave these in my car for the ride home. Why are the shells still on these?

Steve: I’m sorry I’ll fix that.

Owen: fix it.

Steve: what came first? The chicken or the egg?

Owen: Friendship.

You won’t see this in its entirety on OTRC, so I wanted to share. It was pretty funny. And with that, I say thanks for reading lovelies! Until next time. XOXO

Steve: Egg-actly.

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