The Most Useful ‘Dumbest App’ Ever

March 11, 2015

There’s always a new app that’s the talk of the valley. And this week it’s all about LookFor, an app that’s taking the self-deprecating route by marketing itself as “the world’s dumbest app.” How can this app be ‘that dumb’? It has one stellar function – it turns your smartphone screen into a blinking colored light to make it easier for people to spot you in a crowd. But it doesn’t stop there, you can choose one of 6 colors to express yourself as you hold up this spotlight at crowded games, movie theaters (please don’t do this while the movie is playing), and amusement parks. Heck, just think of holding this out to flag down your cab driver or Uber dude.

To make things even easier, there is an in-app SMS feature for telling your friends what color to look for andthere is no GPS or internet connection needed. This is the smartest ‘dumbest app’ I’ve seen lately.

Would you use this app?


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