Too! Blue Dot for Target

August 4, 2014

Shopping high end at Target Clearance makes my living room!

I’ve been itching to switch things up in my living room for too long to remember. A couple months ago, I switched the orientation of the big pieces of furniture, and WOW, now I don’t feel like I need to move. But something was still lacking.


As much as I loved my old console – the dark wood Thomas O’Brien console I got at Target many, many moons ago – I knew it was time for a change. I mean, look at it. So out shopping I went. Or actually, I hunkered down and shopped online.

media consoleI’m really into interior design. I really love high end furniture stores, but my wallet and paycheck think them the devil. So since they have reign over what I bring home, I shop hard to find deals. And one such deal came up at Target! blue-dot-yellow-walnut-media-cabinet-buffet-credenza-target1Blu Dot is a hot, modern furniture store located on furniture row in LA, and one of my favorites. So I was more than happy when I heard they are doing a line with Target.
So, when I was in the market for a new piece, I looked there. And boy am I happy that I did. There are so many great pieces of design in the Too! By Blu Dot for Target. Do a search with that name and you will be happy you did.
The media console, which is absolutely adorable, was what I originally wanted. And to top it off, it is super affordable in comparison to it’s sister line.

However because I am unable to measure correctly, and fell in love with the blend of wood, white and yellow, I bit the bullet and got the bookshelf. I mean, how cute is this?! And the best part, it was on clearance for about $125. I didn’t need a bookshelf, but that bookshelf is now going to hold my TV and chotckes, so SOLD!bookcase

After putting the whole thing together, which took longer than expected, I was really happy with the results, if not a bit surprised at the height. Remember how I mentioned I didn’t measure correctly? I was off by about 3 inches. So I first used this bookcase without the top shelf for my media console. But as time went on, I found I missed the extra yellow and attached the last remaining shelf. That made my TV quite high, but because I sit so far back, it actually ended up working out. Plus we all know I’m mounting that thing once I decide if I’m keeping this bad boy or getting a new one.

Now, I am still working out the shelf design, and wires. I always have an HDMI and area to connect a laptop for movies and online viewing that I have to figure out how to disguise as well. But I am so happy Target clearance came through again and $125 breathed new life into a tired living room. Now I just need a new TV and styled shelves, and I’ll be set. progressLV.jpg

A home is never finished!

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