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July 20, 2016
We’re in the thick of it. Summer is here and so’s the humidity. That means pool and beach babies! So what’s trending and what should you be wearing now? We all know there are a ton of articles on how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body. But what about making your swimsuit from last year look new? Throw on some  accessories and make YOUR FACE the focus!!! So get to it, try something big, bold, and sassy in your hair. It’ll revamp your look and maybe even put a little more pep in that step!
For examples of some of the chic-est twists on swimsuit sass, take a look at some of our favorite beauty looks (hair, make-up, and nails) as shown by Baes & Bikinis,  Beach Freedom, Filthy Haanz, Hot-As-Hell, Mint Swim, Sirénes De Soleil Swim, and Versakini by Amanda Perna from SWIMMIAMI.
Inline image 1
(Above): Oversized flower crowns adorned beachy waves of models from Baes & Bikinis (Hair by Living Proof, Make-Up by Divine Image Cosmetics)
Inline image 2
(Above): Filthy Haanz took a romantic approach with single bloomed red roses attached to slick high ponytails (Hair by Beauty For Real | Make-up by Maxis)
Inline image 5
(Above): High geisha buns, romantic wispies, and chopsticks were front and center on the Hot-As-Hell runway (Hair by Living Proof)
Inline image 3
(Above): Models from Mint Swim wore handmade hair accessories by Akixmann that resembled clear majestic pearls, for a look that any mermaid would be lucky to rock. (Hair by Danny Jelaca Salon)
Inline image 6
(Above): The cotton accents from Beach Freedom went from the clothes to the hair with fun ribbons (Hair/Make-up by : Rik Rak Salon)
Inline image 4
(Above): Some of the models from Mint Swim slipped through the show in a slick wet look that was pure elegance. (Hair by Danny Jelaca Salon | Make Up by Milani Cosmetics)
Inline image 7
(Above): Sirénes De Soleil Swim kept it simple with classic beachy waves that allowed their fun prints and vibrant colors to shine above all else. (Hair/Make-Up by : Rik Rak Salon)

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