September 2, 2014

Lunch. Sometimes it’s a welcome respite from the day’s harried activities. Other times, it’s a pain in the butt to figure out where to go, get there, stand in line to order, then wait for the food as our stomachs churn and scold us for taking so long in our decision. Damn stomach, chill. The report is due today.

If you’re lucky enough to work in the Santa Monica area, not only do you get the cool ocean breeze, you also get to try out uberFRESH, a new adventure Uber is testing out that allows customers with the Uber app to order lunch from 11:30-2:30, and promise delivery in about 10 minutes. lf1Og9ChEihSdnJP3uBvb3rovi1xswm921Z3YN0GqI4

At the moment, uberFRESH only delivers curbside, so you will have to meet the driver on the street to get your lunch, but isn’t that a better alternative than standing in long restaurant lines, trying to find parking at your favorite restaurant, or dealing with unpredictable delivery times? The pre-fixe menu is fairly solid, and quite affordable for the area.screen-shot-2014-08-26-at-10-44-57-am

If I worked in Santa Monica, I’d be doing it. The experiment ends this week, then Uber says it will review if/where it will continue this offering. But alas, my part of LA requires that I either cook or venture out. uberFRESH, come east. Please?

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