Entertainment Wrap-Up

August 6, 2014

All, I’ve been lucky enough to work for two high profile events – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premiere and Orange Is The New Black panel at Directors Guild of America. It was awesome.

First off, let me say that I was quite surprised at how many people said Megan Fox was ‘Strong willed’. Is that a compliment? Motion capture movies always trip me out, when I see actors acting with dudes in skin tighy lycra suits with balls attached to them. But that also speaks to the skill of the actor. All I can say is the highlight of my evening was meeting Will Arnett, who couldn’t be nicer. And of course Alan Ritchson, the man behind Raphael, and of course Gloss from HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE. Done. Alan Ritchson - you can't see it but he's proposing to me right now!

Johnny Knoxville

Megan Fox


Now for Orange Is The New Black, that was a cast that was so sweet, grateful, and gracious! I mean, they were not in their khaki jumpsuits sans make-up, so recongnizing some of them took some concentration. Haha. As Jason Biggs says, ‘they REALLY clean up.’ Even he was surprised when he first saw the ladies at Red Carpet events. Now that’s a testiment to the people behind the scenes! More interview tidbits to come – for now, pictures!  Laverne Cox

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